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Monday, 26 September 2016

"Fans made me sing shallow songs"- Lynxxx

Chukie Edozien, better known as Lynxxx says he sang shallow songs in the past to please fans and satisfy a demanding music industry.

In an interview with BBC Focus on Africa, Lynxxx said that he was not fulfilled with the music he was previously doing.

“I was unfulfilled with what I was doing content wise, the market wanted the same pool of subject matter which was money, alcohol and women. It gets boring especially for somebody like me that has a background of knowledge.

“It was as if I was limiting myself like I was giving only five percent of what I know to my audience. I decided to take a break to make sure I know why I am doing music and work on music that I personally believe in because music is art and nobody should tell me what to paint”, he said.

When asked if his fans or the industry was responsible for not getting the creative space he wanted, Lynxxx said: “It’s a bit of both because I experimented with songs that were out of the norm and those songs were not as received as the shallow records.

“I think that at that point, that was what the listeners were looking to hear and right now, the industry is ready for real music because they have played that for so long that it has worn itself out.”

“I still make hip hop, the difference is that the shallowness and immorality has been taken out. So you are not going to see a music video from me where you have women shaking whatever. It’s not that there won’t be women but it’s going to be classier.”

Governor Wike appoints Special Assistant on Traffic Lights

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has appointed Daye Graham-Douglas as his Special Assistant on Street/Traffic Lights.

The appointment is contained in a statement by Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media who noted that the appointment takes immediate effect.

Recession: Kemi Adeosun endorses sale of some National assets

Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, over the weekend lent her voice to the call for the sale of some national assets to revive the economy. Adeosun endorsed the sale while speaking to some business editors in Abuja. Leadership quotes her as saying it is better to sell off under-utilized assets than borrow money to revive the economy

‘‘I think there are lots of assets being considered. There are some unused assets that are just lying idle and people have come and said, ‘These things you are not using, can we lease it from you?
I think when you are looking for money, some things that government is sitting on, we don’t have money to do them and so it makes sense for me to unlock those things as it will bring money to the economy at these difficult times so that we can move forward. I don’t think we have got to the stage where we say it’s this or that asset. The conversation now should be: should we just keep borrowing, or now that things have got to this stage, we should start to dislodge some under-utilized assets. And it’s not exclusive to us, Saudi Arabia is selling some of its oil assets. So if you sell an asset and use it to finance another asset which is going to give you more, then I don’t have a problem with that. The infrastructure challenges we face are so serious and the kind of money that we need, we can’t borrow because when you have an accumulated deficit, you need to look for the money that will sustain what you are doing for the next three to four years. So, that is what we are looking at and having a more strategic approach so that, over time, we will borrow less, which, of course, is good in the long run,’ She revealed ways in which the assets can be sold. ‘‘The investor will need to look at the risk and pricing accordingly. We can sell to the Nigerian people or the pension fund and you can also list these assets on the stock exchange. So there are different types of sales,’’ she said

Trey Songz narrates how he handled young Kenyan lad who was begging him for 50 dollars (Photo)

A young boy was begging for money in the streets of Kenya when Trey Songz came in contact with him and gave him some money and also asked to take a photo with him.

Read what he wrote after the cut...

"This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking.  
I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars. 
Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him.
Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments. Love my people so much 📷"

Photos: RRS nabs three suspected robbers at Otedola Bridge, recovers two master keys

Three suspected robbers who have been terrorising passers-by, broken down vehicle owners, passengers and other road users around Otedola Bridge in Lagos have been arrested by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command just as they recovered two master keys from them. 
The suspects, Chima Joseph (24), Hassan Adamu (34) and Ibietan Oluwaseyi (41), were arrested after they dragged their victim from the Expressway into the bush and dispossessed him of all his belonging.
The victim, Idi Musa, who was in Lagos for the first time, said he was on his way to Apapa from Borno State to meet his brother. According to him,
"I alighted at Ojodu-Berger to walk from the Bus Stop to Ojota. As I walked down the road towards the bridge (Otedola), I heard somebody called out from the bush, Aboki! Aboki!!, zo mana (come). I ignored the call because I didn’t know them. Before now, I have been warned to mind my business when in Lagos. As i continued on my journey, the two of them (pointing to Chima and Adamu) ran after me, dragged me with my trousers into the bush; beat me several times before searching my pockets and luggage. They took N3, 000 from me…. After collecting my money, one of them (pointing to Hassan Adamu) threatened me that he was a Lagos State Government official and that if I ever come back there, they would arrest me and send me back to my village…. They then released me to go. As I descended the slope towards the bridge, I spotted an RRS vehicle. I went to the officers, narrated all that happened to me. At their office, three teams of officers were drafted to comb the Bush properly. It was in the process that they arrested the other two that dragged me from the road into the bush before collecting my money."
It was gathered that RRS's surveillance team have been on the lookout for the robbers terrorising people during traffic congestion in that area. It was further learnt that more than four people have been arrested for robbing road users while two additional cases of robbery linked to the suspects have been reported to RRS's operatives.
One of the suspects, Chima Joseph, from whom the master keys were recovered, stated that he found the keys on the ground, adding that he was looking for a place to put it for people to see. It was revealed that the key, when tested opened the doors of 2 Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and one Honda (End of Discussion). He confessed that they dragged Musa into the bush, ransacked him and collected his N3,000.
"My friends and I sleep in the shed in the bush beside the expressway. What we do is to assist people on the highway," he added.

Confirming the arrest, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police, SP Dolapo Badmos, stated that the police are keeping an eagle eye on all the black spots in the state particularly as the year draws to an end.
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