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Sunday, 19 February 2017

REVEALED: The alleged reasons behind Tonto Dikeh's marital crises

People were jolted when news surfaced in January that things had  fallen apart between Tonto Dikeh and her husband of 17 months.

The first sign that something was amiss was when Tonto removed her husband’s name, which she had hitherto flaunted with pride, from her social media account.

At the time, Sunday Scoop had spoken with Tonto’s manager and he claimed that taking down her husband’s name was just a business decision for the actress as the account belonged to her brand.

This was amidst reports that Churchill cheated on Tonto with his beautiful personal assistant, Rosaline Meurer, who he allegedly took on several vacation trips abroad and showered with gifts.

Meanwhile, a trusted source who spoke to Punch's Sunday Scoop on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the lovebirds began having trouble during the last trimester of Tonto’s pregnancy. The businessman and philanthropist was said to have been seen with different ladies at clubs in Lagos.

Tonto was said to have confronted her husband about his alleged affairs and he denied it all. She then reportedly asked him to sack Rosaline if he was sure there was nothing between them but he declined, saying it was wrong to punish her for something she didn’t do. Tonto also allegedly behaved violently on some occasions when she threw tantrums and broke expensive items in the house. According to our source, Churchill thought it was a phase that would blow over, and he never believed that she would leave him. Tonto was also said to have suffered mood swings, both during her pregnancy and even after having the baby, which was attributed to post-partum depression.

Her estranged husband has reportedly been making moves to reconcile with her, even enlisting the support of elderly family members, but as Tonto confirmed herself, she has blocked all access.

Right now, Churchill has been advised to give her some time to heal and that in her own time, she would come around and return home.

However, our source, who is close to the couple, stated that Churchill had earlier been married to a certain Bimbo Coker.

Majek Fashek Is A Bloody Ungrateful Junkie - Charles Novia

Movie producer/entrepreneur,Charles Novia, has slammed veteran singer, Majek Fashek, in a new interview.

In an interview with PUNCH, bothering on Fashek's issue with singer, Timi Dakolo, the filmmaker described the Nigerian music icon as an “ingrate.”

He said:
 “I spent about five years of my life trying to bring his career back on track but he went into a dark hole and after the dealings I had with Timi Dakolo, I said I had had enough. For somebody to call himself Majek’s manager and he is trying to malign my image, he must be high on weed, he does not know what he is saying and he is a bad influence on Majek. He is as stupid as whatever he is taking.
“The whole industry knows what I did for this guy. Uzo is not at liberty to comment on the transactions I had with Majek when I was managing him. It is not his business because we had the power of attorney and in the presence of four witnesses in the office Majek gave me power of attorney and he put his thumb print on it.
“Majek came and was begging that he needed money. We negotiated on his behalf and we got $2000 for it and that was when a naira to a dollar was about N250.
“There was never a time when I was managing Majek that he did not need money and apart from the official payments, I cannot count the number of times I gave money to that fellow out of my own goodwill. I lost friends and businesses because of Majek. He is an ingrate. Why has everybody who has helped Majek in the past run from him? These are things I should not be saying but I am a bit angry because they are maligning my name.”

How Mimiko’s Pregnancy Disappeared From My Womb After Five Months – Mom Reveals

Madam Muyinat, mother of outgoing Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, has said that her son (Gov Mimiko) disappeared from her womb when his pregnancy was five months old.

The mother disclosed that it was amazing that her son’s pregnancy suddenly disappeared while her hitherto protruded stomach became flat.

She added that the baby inside her womb was also not kicking anymore.

The governor’s mother stated this in her son’s new book titled “Mimiko’s Odyssey: A Biography of Revelations.”

The book was presented to the public in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Wednesday.

Madam Muyinat said, “His birth? I had a child before him. The governor is my second child. When his pregnancy was about five and a half months, it suddenly disappeared.

“It didn’t kick, not any sign of pregnancy in my womb again. The stomach that was protruded suddenly went flat.”

Apart from the alleged disappearance of the governor’s pregnancy, the book also revealed that his father, Pa. Atiku Famimikomi, took seriously ill when his (the governor’s) mother was carrying the pregnancy.

The ailing father was said to have insisted that if his wife was not delivered of the baby on October 3, 1954, then he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

However, the book said that the father did not divulge the reason why he picked the date to anyone before he died.

The book said, “Aside the pregnancy seemingly disappearing, as narrated by Mama Muyinat Mimiko, it is also on record that the conception of Olusegun Mimiko coincided with when his father, Pa Atiku Mimiko, took seriously ill.

“The father, even on his sick bed, kept reiterating to whoever cared to listen that if the child was not delivered on October 3, then it would mean that he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

“Why he was so emphatic about the date is unknown to anyone, and may never be known, as the father did not divulge it before his demise.

According to Mama Mimiko, Pa Atiku was used to guessing the time for her deliveries but had never been so insistent on the exact date as he did in the governor’s case. As fate would have it, on the morning of October 3, 1954, Mama Mimiko started feeling the pangs of childbirth and was taken to the hospital by her mother.

“She had moved to the mother’s house when the pressure from her in-laws was becoming unbearable. According to her, the family members were uncomfortable about her husband’s illness and blamed her for it. This was compounded by her husband’s insistence on the exact date on which the child had to be born for him to accept it.

“At noon on October 3, the child was born and the news got to the family. The father was filled with joy and he exclaimed, ‘That is alright. Alhamdulilai, Oluwasegun!’ This was to become one of the names of the newborn.

“As is customary in most cultures, including the Islamic and Yoruba, a child is formally named on the eighth day. Eight days after his birth, therefore, Islamic clerics gathered and the child was first named Abdulrahman, then his father named him Oluwasegun (meaning, God has given us victory) and his mother named him Abayomi (Ota i ba yomi Oluwa ni oje), meaning “but for God, my enemies would have derided me”.

The book also explained how Mimiko is now popularly known as “Iroko”.

It said, “The versatility and complexities of the personality of Iroko are invoked in the socio-political character of Olusegun Mimiko, who had named his farm Iroko Farm because the Iroko is generally perceived as the King of the forest.

“Following his numerous political battles and triumphs, his political calculations and strategies, strength of character, courage in the face of adversity, and daring political manoeuvres, Mimiko has been transformed in the eyes of his followers into that feared and revered Iroko man in Yoruba mythology with his superhuman capacities.

“The name Iroko, by spontaneous popular concession, buoyed by Mimiko’s political exploits, has been foisted on him to emphasise his indomitable political adventures and politicking, especially after facing internal and external opponents in his re-election bid and triumphing gallantly.”

Mimiko, whose tenure would expire as the governor of Ondo State on February 23, also explained how he became a politician.

He said his first political party was the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria, but explained that he joined the faction under the leadership of the late former Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Chief Akin Omoboriowo.

During this time, the UPN was then factionalised between the former governor of the state, Chief Adekunle Ajasin and his deputy, Akin Omoboriowo.

Both of them are now late.

Mimiko said, “That time, there was no question as to what party I was going to join. UPN was already my party. The first day, I just wanted to register with a political party. I went to the UPN Secretariat; I said I wanted to register.

“Then they asked, ‘Which faction?’ Then I said, ‘Faction?’ That was 1982. I had my NYSC in 1981. They said which faction because there was Ajasin faction and Omoboriowo faction. Then I remembered that Ogunye, my lecturer, was also a UPN activist.

“ I then said there was a lecturer called Dr. Ogunye. I asked which faction he was. They said that was the frontline man in Omoboriowo’s camp. Then I said that was where they should put my name. “

He explained that there was no other reason why he joined the faction other than his lecturer’s radicalism, especially how he said he (Ogunye) slapped a contractor at Ife, which he said was still fresh in his mind.

“There was no other reason other than his radicalism, especially how he slapped a contractor at Ife was still fresh in my mind. And when I was to be disciplined, he stood and defended me.” he added.

Another Redeemed Christian Church Of God church looted and burnt by religious extremists

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG), has become a victim of recent religious extremism in Nigeria. One of the church's branch located in Abuja, was set ablaze last Monday, after being looted. Some of the church's properties stolen
in the attack include; a generating set, musical instruments, chairs and microphones.

According to Vanguard, this happened around 5a.m at the Root of David Area Headquarters in Apiawe village, DeiDei, via Kubwa.

The Church's Pastor, Pastor Oladele Stephen, who spoke to newsmen, disclosed that weeks back,
same church was attacked by some people, who came in through the ceiling and made away with six ceiling fans, speakers and microphones.

“We reported the matter to the police, but no arrest was made,” Stephen said.

On who he suspects, the Pastor said the church's members have had face-offs with extremists who own shanties near the church, for burning grass near the place of worship, which brought heavy smoke into the auditorium during worship. “These boys sell and smoke hemp on daily basis near the church,” he added.

“We reported to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) on Monday around 10am but they have not made any arrest. Instead, they were asking us whether we suspect anyone. The DPO told us that we should just go and assured us that God will help us to recover all the property.”

National President, Youth Wing of CAN (YOWICAN), Daniel Kadzai, and the Chairman, FCT Chapter of CAN, Rev. Jonah Samson, who spoke on the incident, condemned the attack, saying the government has failed in its role of protecting its citizens.

The DPO in charge of Dei-Dei Police Station was not available for comments, at the time this report was filed.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Shocking Final Image Shows Kim Jong-Nam Slump Unconscious At Airport After Being Poisoned

Unconscious and slumped in an airport chair, this shocking image shows the final moments of Kim Jong-nam. The half-brother of Kim Jong-un is believed to have been poisoned by a hit squad sent by the North Korean despot on Monday.

Jong-nam, 46, had been critical of the Jong-un regime and it is believed his unstable younger sibling may have feared he may one day return to take power.

The audacious killing was carried out as Jong-nam waited to use a check-in kiosk at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur airport.

Jong-un staggered to the toilets and then alerted staff that he was unwell.

The New Straits Times showed the final picture of Jong-un on Saturday's front page along with CCTV images of the four remaining suspects.